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WSIC/WDSL News | 10-08-2015

    Billy Ray Duke Jr was arrested on July 14 th  2012 in Alexander County N.C. Do you remember where you were 1181 days ago? At the time of writing this article that is how long Billy Ray Duke Jr has been in jail waiting for his day in court. Now although he is not charged with murder Mr Duke is charged with some very serious felonies and if proven guilty would deserve severe punishment. But the point of this article is the length of time Mr Duke has been in jail and the fact that according to Mr Duke during this 1181 days of detention he has never seen in person  or spoken directly on the phone  with his Attorney. Isn't it a little scary  to accept that today in America you can be arrested and indefinitely detained for years with out speaking directly with your court appointed Attorney while you lose your home, job and business. Attorney Ken Darty has not accepted our interview request so I can only report what Mr Duke and his family has shared with our investigation. Also we know that the crime lab report is finished and in the hands of both the prosecutor and the defense Attorney and has been now for several months. So the question here is either the D.A. has a case and if so let's finally see it or the D.A. doesn't. The County has spent by my estimation  in excess of $75000 keeping Mr Duke in jail for 1181 days. We  sent a list of questions pertinent to this case to the office of the District Attorney Sarah Kirkland and we are still waiting for a reply. We have all heard that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but in this case have they completely stopped?

     Reporter Farren K. Shoaf WSIC/WDSL News



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