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   It is painfully obvious that this entire contrived so called controversy is created by the Zionist controlled media and there minions. Before the bodies of the dead had barely time to become cold the puppet and thief Barry Soetoro was using this sad and bizarre event in Charleston S.C. to call for the removal of the battle flag of Virginia and more gun control. And there has been many excellent articles explaining in depth the true history of the Civil War and how it had very very little to do with eliminating slavery for an excellent one by Chuck Baldwin click here. And many articles more than proving the Confederate flag is a symbol of southern heritage and not hate. But this  event is being used by the True racist and haters and race traitors to evaporate white European pride and heritage and if you need more proof look at what MTV"s Jewish owner Mr Redstone and what he will air next about disgust for white peoples history and privilege. And now President Obama said Saturday he will use the power of the federal government to pressure communities into integrating low-income minorities into affluent areas. How is that for  freedom? if you don't believe it click here.   These events are being done not to eliminate racial strife it is obviously being done to create more racial division to manipulate more shootings. To move us into more riots. The master manipulators are at work again creating problems where there was none or at least not much of one. So prepare for more unrest as hopefully the white race awakens to the realization that the traitors in our Government and media are relentlessly attacking our culture, our heritage our pride and yes our race and in turn our children and grand children's very existence. So as the divisions deepen and our borders stay wide open as the political correct crowd continues to fan the flames of absolute tolerance at any cost. I say  the time has come to stand up to rise up and openly proclaim pride in our race the white race and not that we seek a fight not that we seek a war but that we acknowledge we are under attack and we cannot that we will not pretend it doesn't exist or run from it anymore. Those who created this controversy are to blame for this and all events that follow because they demand those who don't respect there view of tolerance to be willfully designated as intolerable. And if you need an example of how easily the feeble minded masses are manipulated just look at this article about the intellectually challenged calling 911 because they saw confederate memorabilia for sale at a flea market. So all the attacks whether by blacks or whites, all the graffiti, all the removing the remains of the dead, all the ridiculous removing the Confederate flag and statues, all the hate being generated, being created is absolutely to be blamed on the true originators the Politicians and the main stream media. The blood of all this controversy is on there hands. not a Flag which is mere fabric , not the Civil war which has been over for 150 years. And let us all remember there is not a black person alive today that was ever a slave in Amerika. And not a single slave was ever brought here on a ship flying any of the many Confederate flags of the south, they flew the Union Jack flag among others. This entire media generated hysteria must be blamed on the true hate mongers. Those who hate freedom , those who hate free expression and free speech those are the true culprits of this entire manufactured crisis. In the words of JFK Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable and i say they started the fight they demand a fight they are responsible for the bloodshed that will inevitably come from there media created controversy. So hopefully  it really was true the south just maybe if they keep this up will rise again​.

written by Pat Riot July 13 2015




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