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Headline News |  We have all witnessed since Obama brought healthcare back into the public spotlight healthcare providers have skyrocketed their rates.  Not to be left out of the gravy train of fleecing the sheeple at every turn the insurance companies rates also are through the roof. Ralph Hudgens, Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, has stated that their health insurance rates will go up by 198% . And, now I believe the real truth is coming out . This was all done by design.They knew this confusing bureaucratic nightmare with insurance exchanges , business mandates more than  twenty thousand pages in this one bill. The fact that  insurance companies exclude certain states due to restrictions and ability to make a profit . The Insurance companies being forced to accept all preexisting illness  will, undoubtedly collapse the system . And, now they are admitting just that . Read what Harry Reid said , Obama care just a step toward the single payer system. Try to understand this is their wetdream come true . They will in time submit to the outcries of the easily manipulated sheeple as the media points out the many flaws in the upcoming Obama Care system , they will serve up exactly what there intention was all along . The single payer system , where all your healthcare comes from a Government run system and all your payments for insurance is to the Government . And, let us not forget, we have seen Government run  health care before, it is called the shameful Veteran Hospitals. Click here to read what a failure the Federal Government has been to our returning veterans.  This will lead us into what will also be happening , the consolidation of the hospital industry. As the economy continues its by design collapse and Government run and healthcare destroys the free market system , local hospitals will be sold into the control of just a few behind the scenes bankster globalist . Obama care was designed to fail to bring about exactly what we will see unfold in the near future. We will see the consolidation of hospitals as we have seen in the banking industry after that manufactured collapse. The single payer system is what they will usher in where everyone pays into the Government for there healthcare .This is where you are now truly a complete slave  to the system. This was there goal all along as these criminals play the American feeble minded sheeple like a mystro plays the violin. Sit back and watch problem, reaction, solution and its very finest.



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